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Trust Administration & Accounting

The relationship between beneficiaries of trusts and their trustees is often one of smooth and seamless communication, terrific follow up, attention to the needs of the beneficiaries by the trustees, conformity with the directives set forth by the grantor in the testamentary or under deed trust, compliance with the investment rules of the governing state law, and reasonableness on the part of the beneficiaries.

But when the relationship between trustees and beneficiaries is troublesome in any of these areas, we have nearly seven decades of combined experience advocating for and working with beneficiaries and trustees to improve trustee responsiveness in administration and investment matters, to redress  potential or actual breaches of fiduciary duties, to resolve differences and ensure that the beneficiaries and trustees design and implement a framework for reasonable cooperation that fulfills the trustee's duty of loyalty and meets the beneficiaries' needs within the context of the purpose of the trust.

And when the breakdown of communication, investment failure, disregard for standards of discretionary decision making or beneficiery or co-trustee disruptions or the breach of fiduciary duty are severe or damaging, we bring to the table decades of trust litigation experience and success to enforce our clients' rights and protect their interests.

We are experienced with all types of trusts and estate administration accountings, whether informal or formal, uncontested or litigated, and address each conflict with the goal of resolution using both alternative dispute resolution techniques and formal litigation in the Surrogate's Court or Supreme Court.