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Private Client Counseling

Uncommon Counseling

Many of our clients have needs, challenges and goals outside of trust and estate litigation, estate and business succession planning, trust and estate administration, asset protection or transfer tax matters.  We counsel clients on a host of family and business management issues, family office services, life insurance, health insurance, real estate acquisition, management and divestment, employee contracts, art acquisition and some uncommon counseling matters.  We have a proven track record of helping families achieve their goals and resolve their problems.

Trust Maintenance and Family Office Support

For some clients, we provide a client maintenance platform for the continued administration of trusts or other entities. For some clients, we work with their family offices or multi-family offices. And with all our clients, we work hand in hand with their accountants, financial advisors, transactional/business attorneys, insurance experts, trust companies, family offices and business managers.

With all clients, we focus on achieving practical and meaningful results customized for each client. To that end, we strive to provide each client with the highest quality, objective advice in a timely and economically efficient manner.