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Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Addressing your goals and concerns is a process rather than a transaction.

We build and maintain long-term relationships by getting to know our client's and each client's values. Our in-depth and recurring discovery process focuses on each client's unique goals and concerns. In this regard, we help our clients identify and prioritize their goals and concerns. Then we craft customized solutions to realize those goals and minimize or eliminate those concerns, with the appropriate level of simplicity or complexity. Our purpose, as your counselors and advocates, is to help you find and implement solutions for each of the challenges and opportunities you face. We help our clients maintain and protect their quality of life, plan for the future and enforce their rights.

To get started, ask yourself if you have a plan in place to protect your assets and get you where you want you and your family and/or business to be in the future. Do your documents implement tools and techniques that make sense for you, your values, your goals and your concerns? If you do have planning documents, review them to determine whether they still best attain your goals and reduce or eliminate your concerns. Are they consistent with and take full advantage of current law? Do they provide the necessary flexibility to adjust to changes in the law or changes in your family circumstance and still attain your goals and minimize your concerns? Contact us if it's time to create a plan or for a review.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection embody four main concepts:

  1. How do I/we maintain and protect the quality of life that I/we have worked so hard to achieve?
  2. In the event that I become unable to manage my property, my affairs or my health care, who do I want to put in charge of making decisions regarding my property, my affairs and my personal care and what do I want those decisions to be?
  3. In the event that I become unable to manage the property, affairs, and health care of my children or others who are dependent on me, who do I wish to put in charge of making decisions regarding those dependents?
  4. To whom do I want my assets to pass when I die; how orderly and efficiently do I want my estate handled; do I want to avoid the usual delays of a court proceeding or do I want court supervision; and who do I want to put in charge of making this all happen?

Each of these concepts has subsets and variations depending on your values, goals and concerns; the size, type and ownership of your assets; the composition of your family and the needs of your family members; the particular liabilities of your profession; and the size and nature of any business interest. Financial services executives, performance artists, real estate investors, attorneys, surgeons and other professionals, as well as the independently wealthy all have some goals and concerns in common and some very different goals and concerns as well.

A successful banker with a few horses in Westchester may have some different and some similar concerns as a first generation American with a small fleet of taxis and real estate overseas. Parents of a child developing with physical or mental challenges will likely have very different concerns than the mother of four step children who themselves come from two different fathers. A family owning income producing real estate has different asset protection issues than a doctor.  A young professional couple with one child likely has different goals and concerns than a widow or widower with five grandchildren.

Identifying your particular concerns and goals is the beginning of the estate planning and asset protection process. Once we have done that, we can discuss what options make the most sense for you and provide answers to the questions above and the questions you have.

We will develop an integrated estate planning and business succession solution with the appropriate level of sophistication or simplicity customized to your values, goals and concerns. We will help you implement your plan and follow up with you on a regular basis if you wish. We offer trust and estate maintenance programs to realize long-term goals to protect, preserve and transfer your wealth. We will gladly work with your other professional advisors to expand your options in other areas including income taxation, family concentric philanthropy, life insurance, long-term care insurance and disability insurance, real estate transactions, business agreements, family office support and other services.

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