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Professionals We Recommend


Marty Ender, Want and Ender 
Marty Bell, Bell and Co. LLP
Mark Feldstein, Wiss & Co.

Intellectual Property Attorneys
Amy Goldsmith, Esq.

Entertainment and Business
Domenic Romano, Esq.Romano Law

Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance 
Craig Grayson, Wealth Advisory Group LLC
Gary Langenhahn, Private Client Group AM 
Matrimonial Attorneys

Keith Orenstein, Esq. 

Richard E. Weltman, Esq. Weltman & Moskowitz LLP

Ronald J. Sommers, Esq. Nathan Sommers Jacobs


Real Estate Attorneys
Susan Morris, Esq.
John Bradbury, Esq. 
Sam Eber, Esq.

Residential Real Estate
David Rosenberger

IT Management
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Labor and Employment
Ruseell E. Adler, Esq. Law Offices of Russell E. Adler, PLLC