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Business Succession Planning

For most business owners, working on the business, focusing on existing and potential clients, cash flow, mentoring employees, managing supply relationships and staying on top of expenses and taxes is more than enough. But, like estate planning and asset protection, a succession plan and exit strategy for your business is crucial to its and your success.

We work with clients, multiple generations of clients in many cases, their accountants, insurance and financial advisors to create and implement business succession strategies from the brilliantly simple to the magnificently complex.  There is enough business succession information on the Web to keep us reading through our life expectancy, so you won't find any strategies or outlines here. We will help you identify your goals and concerns; we may even point out a few you haven't thought of. We will work with you, your accounting and business teams and any family members involved in your business to create, implement, maintain and adjust a business succession plan that works for you.