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"Thank you very much for your work on my behalf as executrix of my mother's estate. As you well know it was a difficult task for me because of the problems my siblings caused. I am grateful to you for your professionalism and compassion throughout the process. You gave me peace of mind. The confidence in you and your firm helped me to know that everything would turn out well in the end." - Leslie


"Dear Ian, Thank you so much for all the effort you have been putting in on my daughter's and my battle! It is so much appreciated." - Jan R.

"I am impressed with your attention to detail and just wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for all your efforts, follow-ups and so on."- George J.


"The attorneys and staff were very professional and gentle during this difficult case of my needs to settle my 36 year old daughter's affairs after her untimely death." - Diane R.


"Thank you so much for all your help and for guiding us through the process. I will miss working with you. All the best for a wonderful holiday season and 2010." - Geri F.


"For the four of us, let me express our thanks for a complete and thorough handling of Uncle George's estate." - Jerome K.


"Can't thank you enough for all the work involved here. Your abilities to handle Tom's estate have been a real blessing." - MaryAnn E.


"This wonderful piece of paper [IRS Estate Tax Closing Letter] came in the mail today. Good work by all." - Norma R.


"Thanks again. You have been a tremendous source of support in this difficult time." - Jeffrey R.


"Thanks so much for your prompt email. The forms are most helpful." - Laurie R.

"I appreciated the attentiveness Mr. Maclean displayed while listening to what I had to say. I was comfortable. I had found such attentiveness to be uncommon and he gave be great reassurance." - Sandra T.


"I was very pleased with my experience and look forward to working with you on the other issues ..." - Kyra C.


"Just wanted to thank you for your work and for making the [estate planning] process painless." - Maxine G.


"I enjoyed meeting you too and am relieved that I'm taking care of this important stage of life." - Sarah F.


"You are so right; I just want that behind me. Thank you, thank you." - Peg G.


"I used to work in a law firm for 15 years - I knew what to expect. Great work, guys!" - Farid A.


"Many thanks for your kind note and special words. I value and appreciate your friendship and sage advise." - Larry M.


"Thanks so much for all your help." - Bee and John M. and family


"Thanks, Ian! You guys are great." - Greg S.

"Thank you for all your help and support during a stressful situation. You managed to make things start to happen when my efforts failed. ... This is not the first time you have shown your generosity and compassion, and I am truly grateful." - E.F.


"I really appreciate you handling this for me. It means a lot. Thanks much." - Larry M.


"Please know that I am so appreciative of all your efforts on behalf of my mother. I finally am able to feel that she is being cared for in a kind and appropriate way after years of watching something quite the opposite." - Laurie R.